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Father Dan Update 7/6/2016

posted Jul 6, 2016, 5:48 AM by Gary Pecherkiewicz

Dear Parishioners, family and friends,

I learned a lot today about what is happening with me and where I am going from here.
First of all the results of the pet scan showed that the cancer is in many places including the top and bottom of the esophagus, the stomach and the lymph system. That rules out surgery and probably radiation. The plan is to use chemo to shrink the tumors in such a way that it does minimal damage to healthy cells. I will have a port put in next Wednesday the thirteenth and the following week start the chemo. This is not a cure but in 7 out of 10 people it will give some quality of life time which varies according to individuals. It may allow me to swallow again which would give me much more quality of life than I have now. I have decided to work totally with this doctor who I trust and respect and who is on the same page as I am.

I asked him if he thought I should resign my parishes and he said he would suggest waiting to see how this works. That was comforting! I will have 46 hours of doing chemo and then two weeks off for six treatments. He will monitor the effectiveness after each treatment. How it will affect me is anyone's guess. At least I feel confident with a plan and will just have to continue doing what I am doing. Living each day, loving each moment and waiting to see what God has planned.

Thanks for all the prayers and know that that is all I need at this point as well as your understanding. I would love to talk with thousands of you personally but am unable to touch everyone and do what I need to do. Love all of you bunches!