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Father Dan Update 7/20/216

posted Jul 21, 2016, 5:19 AM by Gary Pecherkiewicz
Hi Friends
Today I finished my first round of chemo therapy. After 46 hours of drip they took it off and I had very minimal side effects except for after it all I am really exhausted. Just kind of tired all over. Nothing a good night's sleep won't take care of. I expect to be in great shape for the weekend Masses! Hopefully in a week I will start to see some positive effects and be able to start to swallow a little better.
I would also like to mention I am so grateful to the Fr Don Olexiak and the diocese for the very gracious way they are making this whole struggle easier. They are available to help with anything that I need and letting me go at my own pace. Also the Apostles of Jesus and a number of neighboring priests and pastors have been and remain on standby in case I need any help.
Thanks to all of you who I know are there for whatever I need and especially my sister Donna and her husband Bob who are coordinating my care. I am just immeasurably blessed and overwhelmed with gratitude to all! Love and blessings!