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Father Dan Update 12/17/2016

posted Dec 17, 2016, 7:10 AM by Gary Pecherkiewicz
I sure am working hard to make you all holy! You have had a full time job praying for me! After the wonderful miracle I have had in being restored to healthy vibrant life and ministry from the cancer that brought me close to death last summer, I was back to exercising again. Last Tuesday morning I was at my house at Cinnamon lake and decided to go for a long walk to the mail box, to the lake and around some side streets. After over 2 miles of walking, 800 yards from my house I stepped on a pitch of ice and fell. I badly broke my wrist, which I found out broke easily because the chemo made my bone brittle and weak. They tried traction all day Tuesday to get it in line but it didn't work so I had surgery yesterday to put it together with plates and screws. Again I can't say enough about the people in Hillcrest and Euclid general. Such a lot of skill, love and concern.

This morning I started coming out of the nerve block which paralyzed my shoulder arm and hand leaving them with no feeling or working capacity. I carried my left arm with my right arm and if I dropped it, which I did many times it swung like an uncontrollable pendulum. I also had a phantom arm that was col, itchy and invisible while this one was warm yo the touch.

I wish I had a movie of this morning. I woke up with tingling in my shoulder which very slowly started to move. I could feel a little strength coming into my bicep muscle. I held the arm by the elbow in my right hand to keep it from swinging like a pendulum . After about 10 tries I was able to lift it a bit . Bound and determined to get my hand up to my shoulder I put all my strength into it and hit myself right in the left cheek. Good Christian that I am I turned and ended up hitting myself in the right cheek as well. Eventually after beating myself up I got it to go kind of where I want it. As I am typing my fingers again have feeling and move. Once again God has been so good to me and your prayers are carrying me through doing for me what I never could have done for myself. I will try to be careful not to do too much more damage requiring your prayers and instead offer all my my pains and struggles for you.