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Meet Your Musicians

Coeli Ingold,
Music Co-Ordinator, holds the Master's Degree in Early Music Performance from Case Western and the Bachelor's Degree in Vocal Performance, with a secondary major in Piano Performance, from The Cleveland Institute of Music. She studied organ under Robert McMurray and was substitute organist at Cleveland's The Cathedral of St. John The Evangelist. Her experience in sacred Liturgical Music for the Roman Catholic Church spans more than 25 years, beginning in the early 1990's as Cantor at Cleveland's Cathedral.  She has directed professional ensembles -  including a position as Interim Director of the Old Stone Singers (Presbyterian, Cleveland) -  as well as enthusiastic amateurs - most notably, as the Director of The Madrigal Ensemble of The Cleveland Music School Settlement for twelve years.  
        Ms. Ingold was drawn to St. Mary's at its re-opening, and upon phoning Fr. Dan out of the blue one day, was subsequently invited to handle his Installation Mass under Most Reverend Bishop Richard G. Lennon, followed later by regular appearances at the St. Mary's 8:00 am Mass. Out of this grew her present position, where she handles the 4:30 Guitar Ensemble, The 8:00 Choir, and the 11:00 Cantors.  Ms. Ingold lives at home in nearby Walton Hills with her husband, clarinetist Louis Gangale who has traveled the world over with The Cleveland Orchestra, and her daughter, Christina, a karate afficionada.
        To learn more about Ms. Ingold's credentials, or to view her full Resume, Bio, and Press Releases, please visit her website at:

Coeli Ingold,
Oct 20, 2015, 5:26 PM